Norse Atlantic Airways and LUX interactive continue their joint venture for success!

Norse Atlantic Airways and LUX interactive continue their joint venture for success!

Heather Miller
December 9, 2022     Posted in Press Releases

TROY, MI. Dec 9, 2022.— Norse Atlantic Airways, a Norwegian airline offering affordable transatlantic flights, and LUX interactive, a Detroit, Michigan-based custom software development company, continue their strategic journey. LUX has just released a significant upgrade to enhance customer satisfaction within the Norse online reservation system.

Recent upgrades have included a content management system (CMS) allowing Norse to maintain content without programmer intervention. The CMS has also enabled Norse to flex its international muscle by allowing travelers to choose from multiple languages and adjust their cultural preferences. Behind the scenes, LUX anticipated the UI necessary to accommodate culture change, including calendars, currency, and site response to the content length, whether it be Norwegian, German, French, or English.

With a new hub and spoke feature, travelers can quickly upgrade their Norse Experience. Initially, an upgrade pushed a traveler through the entire booking path. Now, they simply select Your Trip, choose any portion they want to upgrade, and then pay. In addition, this streamlined operation has increased revenue from ancillary sales. "As Norse grows as an airline, we help them achieve their visions and meet their goals," said Kris Purcell, Partner at LUX interactive.

LUX is an industry leader in custom software that interfaces with the Navitaire New Skies reservation system. LUX offers credibility and expertise to its clients and has created a solid, knowledgeable team that understands the intricacies of a robust reservation system. Additionally, they have built and maintained websites and developed software for multiple airlines using the Navitaire and Sabre platforms. Their solutions and services bridge gaps between Navitaire and affordable carriers.

LUX has also created and maintained systems with Southwest Airlines and other travel-based organizations such as Red Roof, a premier economy hotel company.

For more information on LUX, visit or contact Steve Taylor at (248) 850-8973.

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