Pre-flight and
in-flight checklists

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Our Process

The Agile process is folded into our DNA because your involvement is integral to the ultimate success of the project. Our approach is to provide early and continuous communication and collaboration between you and our team to ensure that we meet and deliver on your expectations.

The Checklist

Our process provides the advantages of transparency, ability to adapt to changing priorities and provides rapid continuous delivery as well as communication between team members. The process can vary somewhat based on your specific requirements, but essentially includes the following:


After meeting with you and your team, we identify your issues and get to work toward finding the best solution.


Now our team gets to work documenting the requirements of the deliverable and reviewing them with the Project Manager and the Development team.


We utilize the agile process of working in “sprints,” which are set periods of time in which specific tasks are accomplished. At the end of each sprint there is a release of the product.


Our experienced testing team develops testing strategy, test cases, and performs static testing manually. We use a variety of tools including Selinium, Cypress, and Jmeter.


Our solution is your deliverable. You will own your deliverable and make the final decisions on that product.