Industry Specific Products

We create custom software solutions that span many industries. Products for EHS&S compliance, contact tracing,
and RFID technology are just a few examples of strategic work LUX has successfully delivered.


Custom Product Solutions

LUX interactive has experience creating industry-specific solutions that utilize our extensive knowledge surrounding compliance issues.

Automated Screening Kiosk

A tablet-based kiosk and configurable admin interface that supports industries in maintaining a safe work environment through screening and contact tracing at point of entry.


More than meeting EHS&S compliance and checking boxes, LyfeCycle promotes goal setting, metrics, data detail and corrective action in an easily accessible way built by EHS&S leaders themselves. A management solution that is truly unique and applicable to today’s EHS&S world!


Stashstock is a point of sale system servicing the medical and recreational cannabis industries, with an emphasis on patient security and service.

Automated Screening Kiosk (ASK)

ASK™ supports industries in maintaining a safe work environment. This is achieved through an automated system consisting of screenings, contact tracing and safety compliance controls.

ASK was developed by experts to provide a safety net for the business climate of today, and for the flexibility to adapt to the uncertain future. ASK provides proactive screening and safety measures upon facility access, to support proactive wellness and security in today’s unpredictable world.



A minimal learning curve makes ASK simple to set up, easy to use, and with little to no effort to maintain.


Add a custom COVID-19 screening questionnaire or other screening forms your business requires to stay safe and informed in real time.

Contact Tracing

Know with whom and where contacts are visiting. Integrate your businesses data and structure with an easy-to-use interface.


Produce unique badges to know who’s who, including where, when and what they can access within your business.


Real-time data allows for powerful searches to easily find information on particular visitors or events quickly.

Cloud Power

Cloud computing within ASK means you will never lose your data in the event of any type of disaster that comes your way. Your data is kept safe and secure at all times with military level encryption.

Check-In Configuration

Based on visitor type and the ability to select unique check-in paths to collect particular kinds of data (e.g. Staff, Resident Guest, and Facility Guest).

Brand Management

Add your brand’s logo and colors to the kiosk and admin interface.

Learn more about how ASK can help you maintain a safe work environment.

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Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S compliance) is more than meeting compliance and checking boxes. A successful EHS&S program promotes goal setting, metrics, data detail and corrective action in an easily accessible way, in order to progressively improve and manage EHS&S day to day and year to year.

LyfeCycle was created by LUX interactive specifically with the EHS&S manager in mind. It delivers custom functionality that provides the ability to generate actionable data to be used for improvement and understanding. LyfeCycle is a user friendly, actionable, customizable and undeniably a “next level way” to manage EHS&S so you can manage a successful program with:

Environmental Impact

Compare targets for emissions, energy, water, and waste by specific location or global view.

Intelligent Analysis

EHS&S Incidents, Metrics, and Predictive Modeling/Leading Indicators.


Track effectiveness, indicate opportunities for improvement, and identify best practices--moving your organization beyond compliance.


Scale a single site to a global footprint, collect & analyze local currencies, languages, units, manage time-dependent information & user notifications across time zones.

Universal Corporate Perspective

Consolidate data into a singular view.

Workplace Safety

Establish proactive practices, corrective action, & risk mitigation. Strategically problem solve operational events and incidents.

Learn more about how LyfeCycle can help you manage a more successful EHS&S program.

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Stashstock is a point of sale system servicing the medical and recreational cannabis industries with an emphasis on patient security and service. It uses a combination of radio frequency identification (RFID) for METRC compliance and desktop software and a mobile app to track cannabis from seed to sale.

The StashStock proprietary RFID system, CannaScanner provides real-time plant data, from seed to sale. It is the most efficient METRC complaint software on the market and the least intrusive to plants. Our CannaScanner platform uses radio frequency antennas that constantly scan every process and plant phase. It automatically scans and updates product movement while also being 100% compliant.

Using CannaScanner, growers can dramatically reduce the time it takes to track and update entire rooms of product from hours to minutes, and help simplify their process while streamlining their business. StashStock offers a range of advantages at every step along the way.

Grow House Solutions

Scalable cloud base platform allows for multiple facilities/licenses
RFID technology eliminates manual processes
Easily create rooms and unique workflows

Secure Transport

Fully integrated with METRC
Track packages with full transparency
Vehicle telemetry data records miles, locations, vehicle health
Transaction Logs created and submitted to state for full compliance

Retail Operations

Direct inventory management system with web storefront
Online order capabilities (patients click & buy)
Customer historical data allows for better personalized service



“LyfeCycle was able to provide a cost-effective, innovative EHS management tool for our company which is located in 17 countries. System is flexible to be effective at all locations and allow for global management of our EHS KPIs, incident investigations and assessments. LyfeCycle is very customer-focused, helping to drive continuous improvement in our EHS performance”

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