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TravelLaunch Pro is an established application solution with the flexibility to adapt efficiently, effectively, and quickly to your organizational needs, including airlines, trains, and hotels.

With TravelLaunch Pro’s guided integration, your organization can experience timely and impactful results based on extensive industry credibility. TLP experts help you navigate critical decisions and processes, offering advice, feedback, and recommendations. Building the foundation through a collaborative effort and delivering a flexible booking solution created the right way!

Reservation System Integration

Offers the ability to integrate directly with your desired booking system.

RWS/Tridion Integration

This integration contains the translated verbiage and content within the site by culture.

Head Start

Whether you are a brand new or existing organization, our Head Start supports the complex work involved in modernizing and evolving, accelerating your starting point to maximum potential.

What To Expect

Our solution offers login with multi-factor authentication ability, a simple-to use booking flow with repositioning steps to match organizational needs, and static pages that the user can modify within Tridion.

Global Complicated Connection

With ease and flexibility, regional teams can empower themselves so that controls, standards, and guardrails are set and maintained in a centralized environment.

How It Began

LUX interactive has routinely handled complex web-based booking systems within the travel industry, including air, hotel, and rail. Our development teams understand how to leverage booking systems and reservation platforms best suited for organizational uniqueness. They help clients evolve and support their digital offerings to a new level of customer experience and satisfaction daily. Experience increased conversion and higher revenue per transaction with TravelLaunch Pro.

The Strategy

Accredited with expertise in the hospitality and travel space, LUX has experienced a ripple effect in servicing many kinds of unique organizations. This diverse experience and deep-rooted problem-solving resulted in a superb understanding of clients with unique needs and how to service them best while keeping transformation, prosperity, and sustainability front and center.

The Development Team

TravelLaunch Pro has been built on a rich foundation of expert talent by LUX interactive. LUX is a first-in-class custom software company that has serviced clients strategically for the past two and a half decades. From large clientele such as Spirit Airlines and Red Roof Inn to local associations such as Michigan CPAs and Michigan Realtors, TravelLaunch Pro springs from a solid and credible reputation in creating superior solutions industry-wide.

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“This was - and continues to be - a very large project with the launch of a full-service commercial website. We have been beyond pleased with the technical implementation as well as design and flow suggestions from the LUX team. They continue to be responsive and helpful with any enhancement expertise that we require.”

Commercial Systems Manager, Norse Atlantic Airways

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