Check In at Norse Atlantic Airways

Easily purchase tickets and related items through a single platform.

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Industry: Airline
Location: Arendal, Norway
Year founded: 2021
Company size: 1,600 employees, 15 aircraft


  • Created a user-friendly website
  • Multilingual and cultural experiences
  • Upgrades increased ancillary sales


Norse Atlantic Airways came to LUX interactive to design and develop custom software that would interface with Navitaire. Navitaire is a digital reservation, retail, and e-commerce system. It is responsible for the growth of the low-cost carrier industry but has limitations.


Norse approached LUX with a challenge. They sought to create a customer-first website with an online booking system that was easy to use. The goal was for anyone to be able to book a flight without difficulty. The stakeholders wanted to show seven days and two fare classes, each with three bundles.


The Norse Atlantic Airways website, designed and created by LUX, is the primary sales channel for tickets and ancillary products. Norse customers can easily purchase tickets and related items through a single online platform. In addition, the custom website allows them to make bookings quickly and conveniently from any device with an internet connection.

Norse relied on LUX to help them select a CMS. LUX started exploring and found Tridion a suitable solution, given its all-around capabilities and its seamless integration with RWS Trados Enterprise, an industry leading language translation service.

The product was implemented in a headless configuration for several reasons. Security, site performance, and ability to upgrade were all important factors in that decision. By capturing and remembering both the user’s language and culture, Norse can use Tridion to enhance cultural personalization for things such as pricing, date/time formats, and marketing campaigns.

LUX created a custom interface for the Norse site layered on top of Navitaire. This union facilitates the opportunity to implement a customer-first experience strategy from launch. Some of these features offer:

  1. Focus on Customer Needs: Prioritizes customer needs by focusing on providing affordable airfare, comfortable seating, and high-quality in-flight services. These features help to build a reputation for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Personalized Services: Ancillary purchases offer personalized services to their customers. For example, customized food and beverage options, in-flight entertainment, and tailored travel packages. This approach will help Norse Atlantic Airways to stand out from its competitors and build strong customer relationships.
  3. Seamless Booking Experience: LUX strives to make the booking process as simple and stress-free as possible. As a result, Norse's customers can focus on their trip and not worry about the details.
  4. Communication: Norse can communicate with their customers before, during, and after their flight to provide updates, offer support, and gather feedback. This approach will help Norse build a strong relationship with their customers and ensure that they are meeting their needs.

Norse now has a customer-first experience that meets the changing expectations of customers in today's business environment.

“Their team was awesome… [their] support has been superb throughout and [are] great partners with Norse Atlantic Airways!”

Adrian Keating, VP of Sales, Marketing & Distribution, Norse Atlantic Airways

We work hard to ensure our clients and their users have the best experience possible.”
— Kris Purcell, Partner

Reduced Friction in Flight Selection

The Date selection ribbon and calendar allow the user to identify the closest days Norse flies to the destination requested. This solution reduces friction a user may confront when their day is not available.

In addition, each leg of the flight has options for multiple bundles in each cabin.


An Ongoing Partnership

Most recently, LUX released a significant upgrade to enhance the Customer-first experience within the Norse online reservation system. This enhancement involved partnering with RWS Tridion to evolve the content management system (CMS).

Now Norse can maintain content without programmer intervention. The CMS has also enabled Norse to expand its international presence. Travelers can select from multiple languages and customize their cultural preferences.

These changes cascaded into UI changes necessary to accommodate culture change. This includes currency, calendars, and site response to the content length, whether it be Norwegian, German, French, or English.

Additionally, LUX has also redesigned the booking path to a hub and spoke system. With this feature, travelers can more quickly upgrade their Norse Experience. Travelers can now select Your Trip and choose which portion they want to upgrade. This streamlined operation has increased revenue from ancillary sales.

Key Technologies Used

  • RWS: A cost-effective custom software solution using an outsourced service model.
  • Azure: Cloud-based technology utilizing remote resources to store and access data.