Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Reporting

Difficult-to-use, outdated technology, spreadsheets, binders, and paper forms are a thing of the past. Instead, intelligent analysis of industry, corrective action, risk mitigation, environmental impact reduction, universal corporate perspective, audit, permit tracking, reporting, and scalability are critical elements in today’s compliance world.

LUX interactive has experience creating industry-specific solutions that utilize our extensive knowledge surrounding compliance issues.

ASK Kiosk

ASK (Automated Screening Kiosk)

A tablet-based kiosk and configurable admin interface that supports industries in maintaining a safe work environment through screening and contact tracing at the point of entry.

StashStock App


Stashstock is a point-of-sale system servicing the medical and recreational cannabis industries, emphasizing patient security and service.

The StashStock proprietary RFID system, CannaScanner, provides real-time plant data, from seed to sale. It is the most efficient METRC-compliant software on the market and the least intrusive to plants. Our CannaScanner platform uses radio frequency antennas that constantly scan every process and plant phase. It automatically scans and updates product movement while also being 100% compliant.

Well-rounded compliance technology should be impactful and affordable to organizations of all sizes (Global or Local). LUX compliance solutions are changing how large organizations can quickly and effectively make positive changes and improvements to their business operations.

LyfeCycle Tablet


More than meeting EHS&S compliance and checking boxes, LyfeCycle promotes goal setting, metrics, data detail, and corrective action in an easily accessible way built by EHS&S leaders. LyfeCyle is a management solution that is genuinely unique and applicable to today’s EHS&S world!