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LUX has more than 20 years of credibility and experience and has worked for a wide range of clients. Development companies are known to come and go, and skip from one client to the next. LUX differs, our clients are with us for a long time and even take us with them when they change jobs.

Our clients recognize the value of a partner who views their problems as their own.

  • We dig deep to understand your business and your software-based pain points.
  • We constantly review emerging technologies for smarter, better, and more efficient ways of providing solutions that meet your objectives and provide you with a return on investment.
  • Our collaborative and consultative approach enables us to attack your problems quickly and efficiently, keeping your project on time and in budget.
  • Whenever you have questions, we’ll have answers

Industries we specialize in


LUX has worked with multiple airlines using both the Navitaire and Sabre platforms. At Spirit Airlines, LUX currently provides leadership for one of the development teams and helps maintain several legacy systems.

In addition, LUX worked with Brightline, a private rail venture in Florida and California. Leveraging the Azure ecosystem, we architected and implemented web, mobile, kiosk, and turnstile applications to meet their booking needs.

We provide industry-leading expertise to help clients aggregate multiple airline, hotel, and rental car offerings into a unified booking process for both mobile apps and websites.

Clients Include:
  • AirTran Airways
  • Brightline
  • Porter Airlines
  • Silver Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines



At LUX, we cut our teeth on association member management websites. We understand that they need their own management systems to keep members engaged and active in the association. Leveraging years of prior experience, LUX has a portfolio of work for not-for-profit organizations including the Michigan Association of CPAs — a client for more than 15 years.

When Michigan Realtors® was presented with an opportunity to provide key continuing education guidance and support on behalf of the State of Michigan, they turned to LUX to create the CE Marketplace. The CE Marketplace is now used by the state licensing board, as well as every real estate company and professional in Michigan to manage every aspect of continuing education, from marketing to reporting.

Clients Include:
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Connecticut Society of CPAs
  • Michigan Association of CPAs (MICPA)
  • Missouri Society of CPAs
  • Michigan Realtors®



This complex and often governmentally-regulated field has many requirements that meet specific needs. For example, LyfeCycle , LyfeCycle was created for industries that must comply with OSHA, in order to best manage and modernize how they satisfy and EHS compliance. StashStock was created to manage all aspects of the burgeoning legal cannabis industry, which requires very specifically mandated compliance procedures that are dictated on a state-by-state basis.

We also have extensive experience monitoring and staying current with Continuing Education (CE) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs, which can often be complicated and challenging to track and manage. LUX has developed software for monitoring and adding third party CEs, thus enabling educational organizations to submit their courses online for approval. This path creates an audit trail of member CE participation.

Clients Include:
  • DM Payroll
  • LyfeCycle
  • StashStock



Our experience with airline booking systems has informed our knowledge of the hospitality industry. Hospitality booking sites, including lodging and food service, require a deep understanding of the guest experience so they can access and navigate easily, regardless of desktop or mobile platform.

We help clients devise solutions that are simple and help the user work through their booking and ordering experience. We also appreciate that the needs of hospitality clients can change rapidly based on internal and/or external situations, and we’ll do what it takes to respond to those changing environments.

Clients Include:
  • RedRoof
  • HotFood2You