Up late dreaming?

While you conceptualize business plans, we’re up late, too. We work hard to put those late-night machinations into good working order - working order that makes sense out of client desires and priorities - the results being inspired visual content with unmatched functionality.

Simply put, we move your business plan into action through a web presence that is both pleasing to the eye and the mind.

We’re not limited to web design. LUX can help you build the content that works like no other, but we also provide help for:

  • Building a functional web-based business plan. Our experience in the field has moved struggling business to thriving business.
  • From that plan, we can show you the best way for your customers and associates to smoothly interact within your web neighborhood.
  • Function fits form. Our creative minds weave the web content into an aesthetic environment that invites and pleases through the blending of a balanced visual experience and functionality that works better than you expect.
  • Identity is no crisis with LUX. We’ll help you develop and broadcast your brand accurately and effectively. Recognition and association - LUX shows its clients how to turn the ideas you want to broadcast to clients into live content that gets results.
  • LUX maintains relationships with clients. We work hard to make sure your web presence keeps running smoothly. From updated services to maintenance, LUX is there to support our clients and help them grow.
  • Mobile Applications, LUX understands the relationship between mobile devices and website functionality. Seamless mobile web interaction means you can deal with your data effortlessly and effectively. LUX designs mobile device apps for your website specifically to work with your existing web presence.