We Research
We thoroughly examined the market competition and seriously listened to the owner’s business plan and goals.

We Design
Our design proposal included every detail for a functional website, from adding and modifying restaurants, menus, and delivery fee content to tracking orders, compiling accounts payable reports and displaying all information both for the public and in a secure backend site for Hot Food 2 You and their employees. We design with functionality in mind.

We Deliver
LUX construction means a custom, interactive website that allows customers to view hundreds of restaurant menus, place orders, track orders, and manage their home or business accounts. Hot Food maintains and changes the entire content of the website whenever they choose by adding, deleting, or altering restaurants, menus and prices and generating accounts payable reports at will.

We Support
LUX later enhanced Hot Food’s site by including a rewards program automatically calculated nightly based on each customer’s order history. We also enhanced the level of sophistication of the ordering process for Hot Food. The site now assigns orders geographically to multiple Hot Food delivery centers. This allows Hot Food 2 You to expand within the Detroit metropolitan area and across the entire country.

Technical Notes
The foundation of the system is Microsoft’s ASP.NET development platform, Microsoft SQL and Web servers. Housed in Rackspace’s Dallas data center, HotFood2You experiences virtually 100% system availability.