We Research
Crowne Solutions faced increased regulation and reporting responsibilities from the Department of Transportation. The new regulations increased Crowne's need for fluent, reliable communication. LUX researched the DOT's new regulations and determined that the problem demanded a small, self-contained communications-based solution that would serve as both voice communication and data capture.

We Design
LUX worked with Crowne Solutions and Sprint Mobile on a unique communication blend that functions even with the possibility of intermittent cellular reception - LUX identified the Android Motorola i1 phone, which supports Android applications and two-way radio communication. With this capable tool, LUX used the Android architecture to develop an Android-specific Application to manage the agent-passenger interactions from beginning to end with precision. Assigned agents can send and receive bar-coded data, SSR data, text and voice data. Through these data-flow avenues, Crowne Solutions knows each passenger interaction and provides minute-by-minute adjustments to any service requests for each passenger.

We Deliver
LUX's solution is both robust and elegant. With our knowledge of web design, LUX can streamline data transmission between web servers and mobile Android devices, resulting in a drastically reduced data-flow footprint. For Crowne Solutions and its partner airlines, direct access to real-time passenger interactions puts Crowne side-by-side with their customers at the right time with the right solution.

Crowne Solutions' communication package includes:

The passenger tracking system will allow Crowne Solutions to create a series of time stamped records which together will denote the entire interaction between Crowne Solutions employees and a passenger.

  • digital time stamped records
  • dispatch applications using SSR data from airline data feeds to efficiently schedule agents
  • dispatcher will see both upcoming client contact and the current status and location of all on-duty agents
  • agent activity reports
  • one dimensional barcode reader capability
  • password/log-in protected environment
  • system-wide messaging

Once logged in with the Android Application, Agents will see all active and pending customer support contracts. The application will allow the agent to initiate the contract and log activities/events such as baggage, security, etc., make free-form notes, and transfer the client to another agent to complete the client support contract.

We Support
LUX expects to extend this technology for Crowne as they require a similar solution to track plane and concourse cleaning activities, baggage handling and sky cap service.

Technical Notes
Based on Microsoft's ASP.NET, Android Operating System and the Sprint Push to Talk network.