The Challenge
AirTran Airlines was facing a two-fold challenge. First, they needed a Web developer who could take their vision and turn it into a functional Website. But AirTran is also obsessive about cost control, which allows them to pass along the savings in the form of more affordable airfares. Confronted with high-cost advertising and the need for more specific Web design, AirTran enlisted LUX Interactive. We were able to deliver intricate design/programming expertise – and do it at a phenomenal value compared to their previous Web developer. Problem solved. Now, through its relationship with LUX, AirTran enjoys both the cost savings and the improved Web features so vital to their success.

We Design
LUX not only stepped in to provide ongoing maintenance for AirTran’s Website, we also added an impressive menu of new features. For example, LUX interactive developed a severe weather application capable of automatically re-booking passengers onto new flights. This advanced application enables a smooth recovery when atmospheric conditions disrupt air travel at any AirTran service location.

We Deliver
LUX burns the midnight oil for its clients. AirTran operates 24/365, which means data must move at all hours. To reduce daytime impact, LUX routinely sets up software migrations between the hours of 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM. When a Website must be down for large, fundamental changes – which, in AirTran’s case, is about twice a year – we put all hands on deck, using the entire LUX team and frequently employing a dedicated group of testers. The result: the site is back up quickly, so interference with the core business is minimized. And if issues do arise, LUX is quick to take care of business. In fact, LUX Interactive can boast a five-year record of never disrupting AirTran’s flight schedules due to problems with Website functionality.

We Support
LUX takes care of AirTran’s online reservation system completely, including:

  • reservations
  • changes and cancellations
  • seat assignments
  • web check-in
  • automatic rescheduling for severe weather
  • frequent flier program
  • in-flight internet access (partnered through Gogo® Inflight Interent)
  • partner programs provide additional payment options, special offers, and credit card opportunities

Technical Notes
Based on Microsoft's ASP.NET and Navitaire's NewSkies® platform.